Review: Ill Wind, book one of the Weather Wardens

weather-wardenIll Wind by Rachel Caine (Weather Wardens, Book 1)

Some Weather Wardens control fire, others control earth, water, or wind – and the most powerful can control more than one element. Without Wardens, Mother Nature would wipe humanity off the face of the earth… Joanne Baldwin is a Weather Warden. Usually, all it takes is a wave of her hand to tame the most violent weather. But now Joanne is trying to outrun another kind of storm: accusations of corruption and murder. So she’s resorting to the very human tactic of running for her life. Her only hope is Lewis, the most powerful Warden. Unfortunately, he’s also on the run having stolen not one but three bottles of Djinn – making him the most wanted man on earth. Still, Joanne and her classic Mustang are racing hard to find him – because there’s some bad weather closing in fast…

Not what I expected!

I’d expected something fairly fluffy, fairly light, a story with some sex and fighting and passion and a bit of magic thrown in. Ok, I judge books, particularly when I’ve had experience of the supernatural fluff genre before; bite me.

What I got was a slightly more complex and layered story that didn’t take the turns I expected. It was mostly the plot that surprised me; I didn’t expect the journey to be made so much of, I didn’t expect the character loyalties and twists, and I certainly didn’t expect the ending – in a very good way!

I liked Daniel – I know you’re meant to, but I really did. Joanne was extremely well-done, and the supporting characters were also great; diverse and human. I loved the Djinns, the focus on the cars, the worldbuilding for the Wardens and the ‘magic’ element. It did take me a while to find my feet in the story, and I did find some elements a little jagged; the timeframe was a bit skewed (I’d thought the original fight had taken place some time ago, and then realised that was what she’s running from now – oh, ok…) and it took a little while to get my head around the worldbuilding.

It’s a very good read; it’s nothing ground-breaking but would rate a four stars from me, and I’ve got the next few in a heap! I’ll definitely be interested to see where the plot goes from the unexpected ending to book 1, and the characters are interesting enough that they’ve grabbed me. So – not what I expected, but definitely worth a read.

Author: kate

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