Review: Fool If You Think It’s Over

Fool If You Think It’s Over by Jo Thomas

Fool if youThis is the third in the Elkie Bernstein series – the first two were 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf and A Pack of Lies. Fool If You Think It’s Over is out soon…watch @FoxSpiritBooks for a date!

As far as Elkie’s concerned, it’s all over and her happy ending is just around the corner.

She’s on her way back to Wales having freed Ben from the clutches of the controlling Dr Olsen and ensured that Dave, her ex-everything, will never be in a position to kill again. She’s even managed to find herself a (somewhat unwilling) father figure in Conn, the one werewolf in the world who seems to have his shit together. All she has to do is say “thank you” to the Valemon, a company so at odds with Olsen they were willing to support her, then get on a plane for home.

Easy, right?

The book finishes off Elkie’s journey to Norway, and completes the story that started when she got attacked by a werewolf – and won. Killing werewolves wasn’t meant to become a habit, but 25 of them later, it was sort of a Thing…and then it was a case of tracking down the person responsible. Unfortunately, that wasn’t just a single person involved, and Elkie got dragged into a political minefield. Plus there’s an ex-boyfriend, a reluctant father-figure, two sisters and a manipulative sort-of-ex to figure out…

Without spoilering too much there’s a second organisation that can (probably) turn into animals (I don’t really know enough about Norse mythology to know where some of the details and ideas come from)…and they don’t like Olsen. They do like Elkie. She’s not entirely keen on this but manages to learn a few things which, from a reader’s perspective, were incredibly helpful to the story but I admit I didn’t entirely understand. I need to go re-read my mythology now!

Anyway; Ben’s still a slimy little weasel (although I always think that’s a bit unfair to weasels), Conn’s still unsure and annoyed, and the wolfpack is just trying to navigate their place in the world. Elkie’s mullish, belligerant, chin-out stubborn and loyal to a fault. The plot nicely ties up the ends from the previous two books: the ending was unexpected, and I admit I was a little disappointed by it. I’d have liked Elkie to be a bit more proactive, have more of a…but that’s spoilers. It was a good ending, regardless.

So, overall? I liked the first one; amusing, witty, fast-paced. The second and third both get detailed and political, and – particularly in this last one – the motivations can sometimes be hard to figure out. In general, enjoyable and worth reading if you’ve read the previous two, just to finish the series – but 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf is definitely my stand-out win.

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