Recording music

So I finally managed to get two laptops, the mic, some free time, my courage and a decent voice lined up, and I recorded some vocals!

Not that I’m happy with it, but hey, it’s a start.

I’m going to sit down over the next few days and try to listen objectively to what I recorded. It’s hard to do when I know what I sounded like, and the recording obviously doesn’t sound anything like that! I know I can re-record if there’s anything specific that I pick up on, and I do need to get used to the sound of my own voice when it’s outside my head…but it’s still hard to listen to my own work without wincing and wishing I was a lot better.

My next step, beyond listening and potentially re-recording what I’ve just done, is to record some piano to overlay the vocals and also provide some backing for any guitar Jay’s doing. He’s pretty good on a keyboard but I’ve learned a few of the tracks already, so I may as well get those recorded.

So that’s some music progress!

Author: kate

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