Reading time

I got a new (to me) phone recently, and realised that I could put the Kindle app on it. I used to get incredibly travel sick but over the last few years, a combination of reading for short periods on buses and then trains seems to have cured a lot of it, although I still can’t read in cars and I can’t really read for longer than half an hour. But when my commute’s half an hour on the train and I have my phone with me, it’s brilliant!

Songs of Seraphina cover
Songs of Seraphina by Jude Houghton

I’d saved up quite a few ebooks to read whenever I got round to it, and I’m now working my way through them. In addition to Darkhaven, I’ve just finished Songs of Seraphina (which I’ll do a review of shortly) and The Four Realms from my good friend Adrian Faulkner (no review as I’m biased, but it’s good so go and read it!)

I’m currently on a bit of a Neil Gaiman fix with The Ocean At The End Of the Lane.  I’ve also got American Gods in paperback, so that’s my bedtime reading. I also just read The Sleeper and The Spindle – absolutely amazing and I need to get it in hard copy, as it’s going to be one I hand to any children that visit. It’s a wonderful twist on the known fairytales and the illustrations are beautiful.

On the subject of paperbacks, I got Proven Guilty, Dead Beat and Blood Rites through today…although I haven’t yet finished marking up Death Masks, so I really need to get on with that! Our youngest RPG’er has just started reading the Dresden Files and he’s about to start Death Masks, so I really need to re-read them to keep ahead of him – I forget the details otherwise. It’s been quite fun chatting to a new reader about them, and I can see why our GM was so excited when I first started reading them – he loves the series and it’s wonderful to have someone to talk to…or, in the GM’s case, make sly references to during our casefiles, knowing that I’ll get the joke *rolls eyes*.

Art of Forgetting cover
The Art of Forgetting, Book 1: Rider by Joanne Hall

Anyway. Next in line with my ebook fix is Spark and Carousel (advance copy – woot!), The Art of Forgetting: Rider, and a list of random items that includes The Brothers Jetstream: Leviathan, The Mages’ Grave and What Remains of Heroes – all picked up completely randomly from suggestions, so we’ll see how they go.

I’ve also got a few books to beta-read from friends, which I’m quite excited about – unfortunately not Kindle-able but if I’m reviewing, I think I need scribble space on them anyway! I’ve got a sci-fi Western, a magical Chinese mythology and an edit-read of the serial story I was reading, all of which I’m really looking forward to sitting down with.

Mixed in with this someplace is my own writing…