Random wanderings from the first week of January

It’s odd how people are similar, or the same people get repeated. In the last week I’ve met my aunt-in-law, a friend’s mad aunt, an old friend from Uni – but as new people. It’s just strange how the similarities crop up when I meet someone, and make me think of other people that I already know.

I got to play a Yamaha on Tuesday, and it was beautiful. My personal New Year’s Resolution is to get one hell of a lot better at piano so that I can play something to suit that instrument!

What would a quantum crocodile* be like? Is it one that you don’t know is there or not until it eats you? Or possibly flickering in and out of view in the corner of your eye until you actually look at it, when it’s either there or not…

I have a children’s/YA fiction collection to read through – my new job has a nice selection, and I got four out yesterday (two previously read, two new). I’m looking forward to working my way through the shelves!

And on a similar theme, re-reading books that you read as a child is interesting – you see different things in the stories. I’m currently re-reading M is for Magic by Gaiman, and I remember most of the stories, so it’s interesting to see how I react to them now versus how I did as a child.

I’m fed up of my meds** already. They make me too damn cheerful – grumblegrumblegrumble – and slightly hyperactive and unable to concentrate for a long time. It means that although I’m having a lot of ideas, I’m flitting from project to project, and I can’t settle to writing for longer than about half an hour. On the plus side, I am having lots of ideas, so I’m just writing them down until a time when I can concentrate on them. May as well find the bright side, eh?

As the cheerless towns / pass my window… I’ve been travelling by train a lot, and it’s nice.

And finally…I use too many commas in my writing. I need to work on my phrasing!


*They’re Jamie’s fault, and I really want to write a Madcap Library story about them!

**I have depression…did you know that? Probably. It comes in fits and starts over the months, and this summer was so stressful that I went back on meds in the autumn to control the mood swings. The meds do let me cope with life without crying a lot and just wanting to hide in duvet, but it isn’t a perfect solution; they emphasise my ‘happy’ personality too much, and it annoys me that I can’t settle or be particularly introspective or calm. Oh well!

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