Random updates from the end of October 2015

Just realised that I left quite a few odd threads hanging over the last few months. Let me know if I haven’t updated on anything you’re wondering about!

Fox_fabricSewing: I finished my skirt for Non with the sari fabric and my fox fabric skirt, and I’m currently working on a long skirt in a beautiful green-with-gold-inserts fabric. I’ve also got some curtains to make (wooh, wild life!) and I’m continuing with my sampler for my friend’s wedding, which is now background and so is dull, and time-consuming. I need to continue working my way through the Studio Ghibli collection so I can sew while watching things!

Music: it’s currently all on the back-burner. I’ve stopped singing lessons and haven’t managed to get to the piano in the Chapel for a few weeks (mostly due to stories in my head that are trying to get out!) I want to be playing the piano at home more often, so I’m going to try to fit that into my days off. But ho hum, at least it’s something I’ll be able to pick up again when writing’s not quite as chaotic.

Dresden Files: Casefile 7 is finished; it was a pretty chaotic fight but everything did get sorted in the end. So that’s the end for my involvement as GM in that game – the next few casefiles are potential chaos and Teh End Of Teh Worldz so that should be fun, but it’s not going to be until December at the earliest (it’s ok, everyone’s safe for a month…)

Vicky with wolf ears

In the NeverNever campaign, I had a really fun session with two of my more thoughtful players, which involved silly hats, a bad Welsh accent and the set-up for a meeting with a powerful wizard…that’s next session and that should be fun! I’ve got a session tonight with some werewolves that should be silly (we’re using the wolf ears!) so that’s cool. It’s tailing off a little over November as everyone’s chaotic with NaNo, but we’re still going to try to have one or two sessions.

Writing audit: I mentioned in my writing PLN that I wanted to do an audit. Well, I did one…I’ve written 654000 words over the last two years!

And the rest is short stories, Madcap Library, and a few longer works. It’s kinda terrifying, and also a reminder to myself that I can do this! 100,000 words is nothing!

TBR pile: Har Har. Not happening. I haven’t even got round to The Aeronaut’s Windlass, which I’ve been looking forward to for weeks! The pile has grown, though. *sigh*

Benny asleep
A bonus cute cat picture!

NaNo: I’m preppin’…I’m currently plotting for Crystals and Communications, aka Book 9 (it’s been in my head during my walks to work, so that’s good!) and I may end up writing that. I’m just going to flit between whatever and see what happens!

And finally: we’re going to Edinburgh in a few weeks! I finally get to bounce round and plot stories for my statues story! I love that city so much. We’re going to be staying up near the Castle, and we’ve got five days there…it’s going to be amazing. (And probably horrible weather, but oh well.) WHEEE!

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