Random updates from the start of July

I am still grinning madly about Green Sky and Sparks…it’s published! It’s real! People have been buying it and I’ve seen photos of copies and it all feels completely surreal. That’s my writing and my book…I did that! It’s still a very strange feeling.

I finished the serial story that I was reading, and it was as good as I expected – although with less fireballs. I didn’t expect the twist at the end (which was very good) and as the writer commented, “I’m surprised I didn’t hear the shrieks from here…” as I do have a tendency to email things like “WHAT? ARGH! WRITE MORE!!” or more usually, “SQUEEEEE!” Overall, the story is unusual, interesting and I am thoroughly looking forward to re-reading! Hopefully I’ll get to read a few more short stories in the world and the writer’s promised a sequel if not two, so I’ve got some hope even if my current serial is over for the moment.

I’m bouncing grades again in singing, and I’m currently working on a Grade 5 piece – woot! The problem with being an alto (or anything other than a soprano, really) is that apparently the singing boards don’t consider your vocal range when choosing pieces. Over half the pieces I’ve been learning from the ABRSM have had to go down a tone at least for me to be able to hit the top notes, and we’ve now run out of interesting pieces that are within my vocal range in the Grade 2 & 3 books, so…well, the next interesting piece that Ian could find was Grade 5, so win! I’m learning Five Eyes, which is great fun and I am determined to do my best with.

I’m also determined to get some damn singing recorded for Jay to play around with…

Sari fabricOn the crafty front, I’m finally using some beautiful sari fabric that my sister brought back from India a few years ago. I want to make a long skirt for Non (yes, I have a friend called Non – isn’t it an awesome nickname?) from a current pattern, and if it goes ok, make myself another one.

On the writing front, I’m still bouncing between things. I’ve been trying to use my Nano from 2014 for a few short story projects (an apocalyptic story, and more recently, a disabled/apocalyptic one) and I’ve failed at all of them. I just can’t get back into the characters or the world – they feel very cardboard in my head and the story just stalls. I don’t feel like it has life when I’m writing it, and I’ve had to admit defeat on all of the stories.

However, I have been editing Heights & Horizons (book 7 of GreenSky) and also plotting for book 10, which has been great fun. I’ve got an opening chapter planned out, which means that the book works in my head *happy Kate dance* so I’m really looking forward to writing that. I also had a brilliant discussion with my housemate that gave me some ideas for finishing Empty Skies (book 5) which has been on the “I really should get this done” pile for ages, so I want to try to get some work done on that asap.

And finally, I’ve seen the cover for Grey Stone and Steel, and it is beautiful – reveal coming sometime soon!

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