Random story ideas from this weekend…

Cats have nine lives, right? Or at least can escape death nine times. But what if they can change the universe? Every time they have a brush with death, they can twist the fabric of space and time, tweak the strings of the fatelines to put themselves in a universe where they just escaped…and their final twist of fate, for the ninth death that they can’t avoid, can be used for someone else.

A tiny haggis with legs as a superhero sidekick! (This makes me think of Horace the Cheese in the Wee Free Men series by Pratchett).

I’m currently musing on the “death by a thousand cuts” idea of pain, and people. One of my characters (Hex, for those that have beta read Heights & Horizons) has built up a legacy of tiny cuts and insults and hurts to the main character in the book, and I was randomly pondering what does make people snap; in her case, it’s a threat to her beloved maps rather than the personal threat that Hex has presented…but I remember someone’s biography commenting that their abusive father’s threat to the author, his child, was enough to make his battered mother leave. Thinking about trigger points has been quite interesting. What would the line be for your current or favourite character? What would make them snap?

Would a giraffe like blackberries? We thought they would be very helpful for reaching the tops of the bushes, but not so helpful for actually giving you the blackberries.

There was also a discussion about what the cats are dreaming about when they’re sleeping, whiskers twitching and paws flexing, tail just lightly moving, ready to pounce…

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