Progress on singing: two years on

I was driving back from Swindon on the morning after BristolCon and put a CD in the player that I haven’t heard for about six months – BT’s A Song Across Wires. Skylarking is my absolute favourite, but then this came on…

I first heard this on Jay’s recommendation, and started to learn it over a year and a half ago! When I first sang it, it scared me a lot. The “crazy” was too high for me to hit without straining, I couldn’t do the verses without a breath in the middle and even that was a struggle, and I admit it really didn’t flow. I loved the song, but singing it was hard!

But I remembered the words, on my drive home last week. And I sang it.

I could hit the highs with relative ease. I could sing the verse with one breath. I actually have form and feeling to the words, rather than worrying about the notes. I had to stop singing because I was smiling so much!

When I got home, I went to find another one I’d learned early on; Lo-Pro’s Clean the Slate.

“Dreaming of a way to start my own revolution…” goes into my upper octave, but it’s one hell of a lot easier now than it was two years ago. I can hold the long notes – even Desperado’s “Ain’t it funny how the feeling goes awaaaaaaay” is easier – and I know my pitch has improved. The lowest notes in Lazarus and Walk are easier to hit, and my highs in everything are stronger. I’m gettin’ better! Woot!

Sometimes we don’t realise how far we’ve come until we look back…

Author: kate

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