Playing well with others

I’ve just started a new project: a collaborative story!

A friend of mine has a very ‘movie’ imagination, and has a lot of time to think about stories. However, Nick’s not great at the actual writing part…and so he’s enlisted me to actually write the damn thing, and I’ve promptly enlisted another friend (mostly because he’s wonderfully enthusiastic and a bit of a research nut).

The story’s based during World War Two, during the Battle of Britain. It’s a period that I love anyway (both from school and from my time as a military librarian) and it was really enjoyable to brainstorm ideas, plots and characters with Nick, and then discuss where the gaps in our knowledge are with Sam. I’m a little dubious about the amount of cliche and I’m half wondering about taking the opportunity to write a movie script or comic script, as I’m wondering if Nick’s style is more suited to that…but the story outline that we’ve got is pretty good. It’s looking like a mix of flashback and first-person should work, both to provide enough suspense and to drive the story forward, and the characters are going to be interesting.

At any rate, it’s an awesome opportunity to write something else, and in a historical period that I enjoy. Should be a lot of fun!

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