On planning issues and killing people

Not real people. I don’t kill real people. The blood’s too hard to clear up, and finding places to bury the bodies these days? Bah.

Fictional people, now, they’re usually much easier to kill…except when my feelings get in the way. Or I’m not sure who to kill, which is the case with No Man’s Land at the moment. Although that’s not strictly correct – I know who I want to kill. It’s just working out where they should be and where they should die to have maximum effect on my main character…

This is one of the first novels I’ve ever plotted to any degree, and so it’s a bit of a learning curve for me. Usually, I write sections and then shove them together and work out the bits in between and then hey presto, story! In the case of Crystals & Communications (book 9 of GreenSky and my last NaNo) I just sat down and wrote it, which was a little freaky. But I don’t usually have many notes, headings, an idea of where it’s heading.

In the case of No Man’s Land, I had plot points. A PLN. Sections. No Man’s Sky seems to be heading that way too. I have this strange feeling I’m turning into a Writer….

Anyway! I’ve reached the last third of the novel, and while I know roughly what I want to happen, I brought one of my characters up to join Ghost in York, and then thought….hmm. I’m not entirely sure I like this. It spoils the interaction between Ghost and one of the other characters; it makes the third character peripheral. I’m not entirely sure it’s giving the vibe I want.

So I’m currently Pondering. What can I do within the constraints of character movement that I have? Could I send someone else up to York, or no-one? Would a death at a distance have the same impact? Do I actually have to remove that particular character at that point?

The other fun little thing is that this book has some mind-fucks in it, and I’m just starting to put them in. There’s going to be two nice links into No Man’s Sky, too, which I’m internally giggling over. I don’t usually play games with my readers, but in this case, it’s quite a lot of fun!

Yeah, I’m evil. But only in fictional worlds.

Author: kate

Kate Coe is an editor, book reviewer and writer of fiction & fantasy. She writes the sparkpunk GreenSky series and blogs at writingandcoe.co.uk. When she's not working, she fills her spare time in between writing with web design, gaming, geeky cross-stitch and DIY (which may or may not involve destroying things). She also reads far fewer books that she would like to, but possibly more than she really has time for.