On the naming of books

25/05/2014 07:33

Well, I met up with Sammy, my publisher and editor, on Tuesday to go through some preperation and plans for the Green Sky series – very exciting, but very nerve-wracking as well! I will do another post with some more thoughts on the changes she’s asked me to make, but she has also asked me to rename Changing Winds 1 and 2. I’ll admit that this is fair – I have been thinking about doing it ever since I split them into two books, but simply hadn’t sat down and thought about a name, so it was just the kick I needed!


The names I have at the moment are…

– Green Sky & Sparks

– Empty Skies & Sunlight

– Salt Winds & Wandering

– Desert Sands & Silence

“Green Sky & Sparks” came out of the fact that the world has green sky – simply because I wanted to be different at some point when I origially started writing (oh, teenagers…) and it stuck. The sparks refers to the electricity, but I also realised that it could refer to the relationship between Catter and Toru, and the fact there’s a love story at the centre of the book. So it’s a nice twist. I also liked the format of duh duh-and-duh, so I kept that for the next few titles…

When looking at the rest of the titles, I liked the idea of having the first part as a description, and the second as having a double meaning. Sparks refers to the love story; empty skies & sunlight has the idea of freedom and searching for something; salt winds & wandering is again freedom, searching, salt = tears (hence the move between salt winds and salt water that you may have spotted in the early posts); the silence in DS&S is both the desert and the main characters and the diplomatic situation.

I feel rather pretentious, putting extra meanings in my titles – it smacks of the English Lit stuff of “well, this is the author’s double meaning and this is the hidden message behind the words…” which I hated. But it is there; I do like having the double meanings and ideas. So meh to English Lit.


I need two more titles. Changing Winds 1 deals with a siege; Changing Winds 2 is much more an open battle and the diplomatic consequences. I sat down and brainstormed words, and then Jon trundled in to help…

The below are directly transcribed from my scribbles:

Lonely seas – Grey Cliffs & – Dance & defences – attack / retreat – lessons – changing tides – grey seas & – shadows- games – dark lands – conquest – endless plains – divided paths – grey waves – raids – swords / steel – storms – stone


And the eventual titles that we’ve come up with…

Grey Stone & Steel

Steel – metalwork, armour, imprisoned, fighting, military

Grey – dull, trapped

Stone – fortification, defences, hard


High Flight & Flames

High flight – freedom, uncontrolled fall, leap into the unknown?, technology, planes

Flames – fighting, burning, danger


There you go! I’ll be changing the titles shortly.

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