On Spoons

I’ve recently had to explain the Spoons Theory to a couple of people, and then my friend sent me a link to the original story. So, here it is:

The Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino

It’s similar for depression, but it’s much more emotional than physical spoons. I don’t struggle with buttons because my fingers are painful, but sometimes putting socks on is far more effort than it should be. I can usually physically do things, but when everything seems endless and it’s just one thing after another, the overwhelming nature of everything means I just crumple.

Some days I do have more spoons; if I’m feeling ok, I’ve got lots! I can do all the things! And then I’m either fine for days or an hour later I’ll have crashed and only have one or two. It’s an incredibly hard thing to judge, and in some ways I envy the people who know how many they have; they can plan.

But there you go. There’s the spoons theory; and if you ever hear me say “I’m out of spoons”, then that’s what I’m on about! It’s just a way of measuring energy and emotional strength, and sometimes there just aren’t enough spoons to do everything I want to do.

Author: kate

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