On rpgs and tools

As you might have gathered by now, I like role-play games! I only started two years ago and had never played before, but I now GM regularly for a Dresden Files game, I’m just finishing playing in another DF campaign, and I’m just starting to play in a Pathfinder one. And while I have put some sites that have helped my GM’ing and playing on this website already, I thought a brief overview of what tools I actually use might help.

Eldritch fate diceFirst, Fudge Dice…pretty! I have the eldritch set (a nice present for Christmas from our DF GM, knowing that I needed some of my own) but there’s lotsa pretty ones. I also use the Simple Fudge Dice app by Aviv Beeri for when I forget my dice…it happens :-/

We also use props; the wolfpack have ears (hey, I’m crafty…) and I have a jester’s hat for when I’m GM’ing (versus when I’m being an NPC). We use random props too; not as many as we could, but then the ears are fun!

We use fillable character sheets which are awesome; there’s a whole load of Dresden Files resources on DFRPG-wikispaces if the link above’s gone. There’s also a stackload of resources on the Dresden Files over at Evil Hat.

Vicky in wolf-ears
Vicky in wolf-ears

For the Dresden Files campaign, we’ve mostly been playing on paper/online docs during the actual game. We’ve set up WordPress sites for each game to write up notes and provide information; it’s brilliant as they’re so flexible and the add-ins mean you can display pretty much anything (character information, sheets, notes…)

And I’ve also just started using Roll20! The Pathfinder game means I’m using it as a player, but I was squeaking with one of my wolfpack members about the possibilities for Dresden, too. You can change system, add character sheets, add tokens to the board, roll fudge dice, add in maps…I don’t think it will be particularly brilliant for the actual roleplaying aspect (aka. if we’re not using the display board, we may as well be in Google Hangouts) and it will take a bit of set-up, but for heist games or things that do need maps, it’s going to be great. We’re currently bouncing ideas for two games as a trial, so that could be really fun.

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