On revisiting an old story: the Shadow series

Dangerous by Sickbynature
Dangerous by Sickbynature

I’ve been debating revisiting the Shadows series for a little while.

There’s two books currently; Shadows in the Light is about an assassin and a vigilante, a city filled with corruption and hope. I wrote it when I was just out of my teens, and it – bitterly, beautifully – reminds me of London every time I dip back into it. Ghosts in the Fog was the second, plotted on a train in China and looking at the assassin’s fight against his past, the new workings of the city, the slow rise through the mire.

And I always knew there was a third book. I’ve got a scribble someplace; “I can’t write this until I’m older.” I knew I wouldn’t be able to write it when I felt barely out of my teens and, bluntly, hadn’t had any experience in losing things to know how dearly a character very close to my heart would fight for the things she really loved.

But I’ve been pondering, for the last few months, about reworking them. I came up with a title for the third book yesterday – Hunter in the Dark – and I know roughly what it would be about. I wanted to properly plot out the first two, and I knew that they needed rewriting; they mix too much of my old and new styles so that I can’t revisit them; I’d have to completely rewrite. Which means, of course, that it would be a big project (and one that’s sitting alongside my GreenSky novels). It would be a different world and a different style of writing. But I loved that world. I invested so much of my heart and soul into the story; picking up the characters again would be like meeting old friends. And I’d be able to make it better. I’d be able to use some of what I’ve learned in the past few years – make my characters bigger, make my plots sturdier, bring my city to life from my memories. It will hurt to rewrite. But for all the love and the joy it would bring…it would be worth the pain.

So that’s an ongoing thought, and that might happen. Watch this space 🙂

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