On fairytales and monsters

I’m currently planning the second book in my No Man’s trilogy. It’s in an odd world; it’s been influenced by Neil Gaiman, Butcher’s NeverNever, SG-1 and odd bits of English countryside. It’s also currently being influenced by fairytales, which meant I was sat at my parent’s kitchen table on Sunday morning with a stack of old books and a notepad in front of me, drinking tea and jotting scribbles. Such is the life of a writer.

I own a copy of Andersen’s FairyTales, but not a Grimm’s – a regrettable oversight that I need to rectify as soon as possible! I read a lot of mythology and fairy tales as a child, so I remember a lot of them, but it’s always useful to re-read. I want details to go into the world; I want the odd characters who might be familiar, like Snow-White and Rose-Red, Dwarves, wandering princes, lost princesses. I want the Castle of Stromberg to also be a golden palace with diamond fruit trees, up a glassy hill. I want the giant to be a friend. I want some practicality; what would you do if toads fell from your lips, or you found gold under your pillow? Why does the spoiled stepsister get as bad a deal as her mother? And if you had a magic table that served up food on command, you’d definitely open a pub.

It’s quite fun to be able to populate a world with strangeness and weird things – and I can feel it slowly coming together, which is awesome! I’ve got some time scheduled to write up notes, and then I need to do some more writing on the first book before I can get onto the second. I has a PLN!