On all the crafty things: February 2016

Misses' dress
B6090 Butterick Pattern

I just realised I haven’t done a crafty post for a while. So, what am I up to?

I haven’t been doing Hackspace evenings for a few months, unfortunately, which has cut into the time I spend crafting. They were starting to feel like something I should do rather than something I wanted to do, which was frustrating; I was having to find projects and then not wanting to work on them, so I have opted out for a bit. However, it does mean I get some extra time to read, so that’s definitely helped my TBR pile!

Fox_fabricDespite the lack of formal time, I’ve got a few things in progress at the moment. The first is a Butterick pattern dress for one of my work colleagues and friends, which was intended for Christmas 2015 (whoops) and at this rate will be Christmas 2016! I’ve cut it out but it’s in pieces at the moment, waiting to be stitched. The fabric is the wonderful foxy fabric that I used for a skirt a while back, so that’s great fun to work with and always makes me smile when I sew it.

Couch beastThe second project is some patient couch beasts for work. We wanted something that could travel around with the Library staff, and be something fun to take pictures of. My friend Non sent me the image a while back, but as I can’t knit for toffee, I hadn’t even tried one like the picture! But I’ve got some squares of tartan, and I wondered about using those…so they’re in progress, half-stitched and with pieces everywhere! I want to make it smaller and possibly without the goggle eyes, but I thought it was fun.

I’ve also got a wonderful sampler on the go. A friend was chatting about the samplers that have profanities in beautiful font and stitching, and suggested I make a “Fuck” one for her. Hell yes! So I am currently cross-stitching a very colourful, very large, very curly “Fuck”. It makes me grin. A lot.

And a fourth crafty project is related to the Dresden Files game we’ve been playing for the past two years. I’m not going to say much about it as the GM reads this occasionally, but I’ve been playing around with something to do with that, and that’s been satisfying my crafty urge. If it’s successful then I’ll post something about it here, but I’ve got a while to go yet!

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