NYR: January progress report

01/02/2014 14:42

It’s the 1st February, so time to revisit: how am I doing on my New Year’s Resolutions?


Goal 1: Finish Changing Winds Part 2 and, as a stretch goal, finish Empty Skies.

Finish Changing Winds Part 2: ongoing. I’m on 27,000 words with a complete outline and most chapters written, two sections to expand and one chapter to write, so January progress on this is good.

Finish Empty Skies: also ongoing. It’s 14,000 words and I have done some work on it, so I’m happy.


Goal 2: Finish re-writing Shadows (which is sort of a get-this-done-in-January aim) and re-write Ghosts to fit in with what is now happening in Shadows.

Hah, yeah. No. No work done at all. I can’t get into the right headset for it, so I haven’t pushed myself.


Goal 3: Madcap Library: get some pictures done (ok, maybe that translated as “nag my illustrator”) and self-publish at least the first few.

In progress! Hannah’s currently working on some covers for the first two collections, so this is going well.


Goal 4: Continue on the road to official publication.

I sent some letters to agents at the beginning of January, but nothing else has progressed so far. So, ongoing.


Goal 5. Stretch goals: finish some of my other writing.

Nope. But then I have been working on Greensky, so I’m not too worried.

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