NYR: half-year progress report

04/06/2014 20:15

As it’s June (how did we get here?!), I figured I should do an update on my New Year’s Writing Resolutions


Goal 1: Finish Changing Winds Part 2 and, as a stretch goal, finish Empty Skies.

Yes to finishing Changing Winds Part 2! Green Sky & Sparks, Grey Stones & Steel and High Flight & Flames are officially finished. Sammy has reviewed Green Sky & Sparks and I’ve just finished amending it; the next two may have amendments to be made, but I’m a lot happier with them than I was with GS&S, and I don’t expect any major revisions. So that one can be ticked off!

Empty Skies is still ongoing, but finishing it is my challenge for tonight and tomorrow: it’s currently on 20,000 words so I have another 10-15,000 to go.


Goal 2: Finish re-writing Shadows and re-write Ghosts to fit in with what is now happening in Shadows.

Nothing done on these yet, but I did re-read Shadows last weekend (and surprised myself with some of what I wrote, which obviously means it’s pretty good). If I get time this week, I may work on this; if not, it’s going to be a goal for the next few weeks. I’m a lot happier with my headspace, and if I get a chunk of Green Sky finished, I will have more time for Shadows.


Goal 3: Madcap Library: get some pictures done (ok, maybe that translated as “nag my illustrator”) and self-publish at least the first few.

Yes! Hannah has done my two cover images for the first two collections, has done character sketches, and is currently working on two smaller sketches for individual stories. We’ve also got a project on the go that means the self-publishing has been temporarily put on hold, but I’m not too concerned about that as I will re-start as soon as the project gets to a suitable point. So this one is still ongoing, but progress has been made.


Goal 4: Continue on the road to official publication.

Yes! GS&S will be published in ebook format towards the end of this year, and then the next two in ebook format and all three in hardcover at some future point. ML is on hold for the moment, and beyond that, we’ll see!


Goal 5. Stretch goals: finish some of my other writing.

Umm, does writing erotica count? Apart from that and a few shorter pieces of practice writing, I haven’t done anything…but then I am happy with the writing I have done.


I’m getting there with it all!

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