Out now: You Left Your Biscuit Behind

I wrote a thing! (Another thing). If you want a GreenSky crime story, there’s a story in the anthology You Left Your Biscuit Behind, which is set in Reyan and involving biscuits. Of course, there’s also excellent stories from other people – I can’t review the anthology because I’m in it, but I love it.

Available from Amazon in ebook and paperback, and you can find links to independent bookstores on the Fox Spirits site. And if you want a review copy,  contact Aunty Fox!

‘Mage! You left your biscuits behind.’

‘Oh! Thank you, Theela.’

The voices came clearly through the low chatter of the shop patrons, sliding through the doorway into the warm bakery. It was a deep drawl with a slightly rough burr on the l and n, and a faintly northern twang. Rean let his hands automatically knead the dough and his mind wander. The accent was that of the Orei desert, so the speaker would have the darker skin, liquid eyes and sun-bleached hair of the day-dwellers, and the whip-thin body of the runners under the flowing Mage’s robes…

You left your biscuit behind front cover