No news is…good news?

23/03/2014 07:35

I haven’t been on here recently, mostly because I haven’t done anything worth writing about. I haven’t done anything worth writing about today either, but I thought I should at least wave vaguely in everyone’s general direction to assure you all that I’m still alive, sane and writing – or at least one of the three. You can pick which one.


Madcap Library and The Bibliothecary are still ongoing; I’m finishing the websites and trying to kick my lazy ass into getting them up onto Sam’s server in the evenings. I’ve got a stack of freelance work and I’ve just started my second library job (I’m a librarian by trade for anyone that hadn’t guessed from Madcap Library), so that’s keeping me occupied in the day, and I have a few small projects to finish in the evenings. So writing hasn’t particularly happened recently. Sammy’s still got Green Sky & Sparks and is re-reading it at the moment; beyond that, nothing’s really happening.


The only interesting writing-related thing I can pass on at the moment is something one of my feedback-ers said to me…”A reincarnation of Leonard di Vinci is an interesting character that is great to have in the book, but it is difficult to bond to a rich genius Lord.” It’s really interesting – and weird – for me to see my characters through other people’s eyes!