No Man’s Sky (not the game!)

This is a post about my novel with the working title of No Man’s Sky, not the game by the same name…so if you want to complain about that, go find another forum 😉

So, I started this blog post on Friday to say “I’ve started it and the first chapter is complete! Yay!”

Well, it’s now Sunday evening and I’ve nearly hit 15,000 words. The only reasons I haven’t are a) pizza, and b) the boys are watching ‘Ello ‘Ello, and that’s pretty distracting! I’ve been updating the word count on the sidebar, so by the time you read this, my wordcount might have changed again…

I am loving writing this almost as much as No Man’s Land. It’s not quite as fun to write, but then I’d have to work hard to beat Ghost as a main character because she’s snarky and sarcastic. Arran, who is the point-of-view character in No Man’s Sky, is just a git. I’m actually going to be really interested to see if anyone is sympathetic to him (at least for the first half). I think it would be fairly easy to be, if you weren’t realising what he’s doing…and whooo-eee, would that be one trip of self-examination when you realised! He’s not intending to be horrible, but…well. I think he’s a git. So we’ll see what everyone else thinks when I finish it…

I’ve got both of my alpha readers bugging me – gently and politely, because they’re lovely, but they are bugging. It’s a really nice feeling (in addition to being a little bit overwhelming) because it means someone likes my world enough to want to go back there!

I’ve also been writing short stories in the No Man’s world – I’ve got three so far with another two in the works. Alpha A has asked how Ghost became an assassin, so that needs to be told, and Alpha B has already had a first meeting and a heist in two separate stories which have been fun!

I think I’ve already given you the start someplace, so have another snippet of No Man’s Sky…


“I’m the East Wind. You may call me Rutus.”

“You’re a wind.”


Arran stopped on the old cobblestone road, under the arching trees and orange skies and unchanging clouds. “I’m talking to a wind.”

Merry was giving him a puzzled frown. “What’s weird with that? It could be worse, it could be the North Wind. He’s mean.”

“Winds don’t talk,” Arran said deliberately.

“Well, Rutus can.” That brought the beaming smile and dimples back. “He’s taking us to the Witch, too, so you should be happy.”

“We’re going to see a witch?” This was getting better and better.

“Yes. She knows things. She can help.”

“A witch. Like, a potions and turns-people-into-toads witch?”

“She is an extremely knowledgeable lady,” Rutus informed him. The wind’s voice was a combination of gusts and lulls, and made Arran’s hair blow around. “I do not recall her turning anyone into a toad.”

“Frogs, then? Does she have warts?” Arran snapped, and then realised something. “Wait, you’ve been talking to Merry the whole time?”

“It’s not my problem that you’re deaf,” the East Wind told him, managing to sound snooty despite the breathy voice. “I’m glad you’ve finally come to your senses.”

“Where I come from, winds don’t talk!”

“How dull.”


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