No Man’s Sky: getting on with it

I put No Man’s Sky on hold back in January. I’d finished the first draft before Christmas and I’d just had it back from Ryan with comments and notes, and then…well.

I didn’t want to touch it again. I couldn’t face it.

But I was in the car with my housemate yesterday, driving though the darkness and listening to Lindsey Stirling. I had her album Brave Enough as my playlist for No Man’s Dawn., and the song we were listening to made me think of it.

And I decided that I could do this. I am brave enough.

I cried, I admit. I want him back. I want to know what he thought, discuss ideas, get comments, see that smile. I want to know what he’d make of new characters, of changes I make. It’s like missing a part of my heart and because it’s intertwined so closely into the No Man’s stories, it hurts all the more when I go back into that world.

But I love the story. I love the world. I want to finish No Man’s Sky.

So. It’s currently at 50k and I need to add another 20k. I’ve got some ideas, and I’ve just sent it on to my beloved Aunt and my other alpha for No Man’s Land, both of whom I trust completely. One will give me an overview and the other will scream at me when I kill people, which is exactly what I want, and hopefully they’ll both have thoughts on what I could add and what areas need extending.

Ryan gave me his thoughts on the story and he encouraged me. He loved the world. He was an inspiration.

I can’t stop writing. I won’t stop writing.

It just sometimes takes a bit of courage to open up the file and plunge back into the world.

5 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky: getting on with it

  1. Finish it for him. He’d want you to finish it. When we lost Colin I didn’t want to write anything, but Colin was always the person who was nagging me to finish stuff and submit stuff and do more with my writing, and I felt I would have been dumping on his memory to just give up, no matter how tempting it was…. *hugs*

    1. He’s the dedication and he knew it, so I’m grateful for that 🙂 I do want to finish it, I love the story. It’s very bittersweet though! x

    1. I want to 🙂 his comments are so useful. It just hurts even more to not be able to ask him questions! x

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