No Man’s: A new story

Selsley common

I, uh, may have ideas for a new story. Again.

I was on the train yesterday, heading to Swindon, and looked up at the commons. You can see the barrows at Selsley from Stroud, and I was musing. I don’t really know where my ideas come from. They just sort of start and then snowball and then suddenly I have a story…

So there’s another No Man’s story in progress. This one is set during the Apocalypse, when supernatural people are dying and no one has any idea why. The cities are worst hit, and so everyone flees to the countryside – including our Main Character.

And she comes to Stonehouse. She’s trying to find her feet, with a job and a life and missing London. She meets people. She walks up on the Commons, and she meets the Fae. She meets a certain Emissary of said Fae (aka. one of the main characters of No Man’s Land, before he gets himself the situation that we find him in during that book). Things  May Happen – I’m not entirely sure what yet, but I think I have an ending…

I’ve got a murder mystery, a romance, a dollop of homesickness and settling, and someone growing a spine. I’m still working out threads and just letting the ideas roam at the moment – I mean, I decided yesterday that Stonehouse may have its own weather protection (we never get the same weather as the surrounding area) and started wondering why. Is there a weather wizard living here? A protection spell? (That’d be pretty powerful). A natural protection? I’ve got some ideas there, so…it’s fun!

So keep an eye out. More stories in progress!