New Year’s Resolutions

02/01/2014 16:43

I don’t usually do formal NYR – it’s either stuff I want to do anyway (so get on and do it!) or stuff I vaguely want to do so if I make it a formal resolution I’ll feel pressured and bad when I then decide not to do it…anyway, you get the idea.


But. I have this feeling that 2014 is going to bring a lot of changes (moving house and jobs for a start), and so I want to put some writing resolutions down. And I want to do them. So:

1. Finish Changing Winds Part 2 and, as a stretch goal, finish Empty Skies. Officially, this would be “Finish the Green Sky series” but as two of the books are still quite vague, I’m not going to commit myself to finishing them.

2. Finish re-writing Shadows (which is sort of a get-this-done-in-January aim) and re-write Ghosts to fit in with what is now happening in Shadows. Ideally, I want this done by Easter.

3. Madcap Library: get some pictures done (ok, maybe that translated as “nag my illustrator”) and self-publish at least the first few. Again, Easter is a nice goal for that.

4. Continue on the road to official publication. At the moment this consists of nagging Grimbold and sending out more letters, but I’m sure the to-do list will change as the year goes on.

5. And my stretch goals: finish some of my other writing. I’ve got Star’s Back and Connections to work on as full novels, as well as short stories to write for anything that looks interesting.


It’s all looking slightly possible at the moment, so I’d better get started!

Author: kate

Kate Coe is an editor, book reviewer and writer of fiction & fantasy. She writes the sparkpunk GreenSky series and blogs at When she's not working, she fills her spare time in between writing with web design, gaming, geeky cross-stitch and DIY (which may or may not involve destroying things). She also reads far fewer books that she would like to, but possibly more than she really has time for.