New stories: erotica and No Man’s Dawn

I’ve been managing to write at least some words each day on a variety of different things. I write erotica – under a different pen name – and I’ve been working on a couple of pieces for that; and No Man’s Dawn has been slowly coming along, chapter by chapter.

My Facebook followers got the opening line for No Man’s Dawn last week, so here’s your general preview…

It’s a nice day to jump off the roof, my shadow whispers as I walk up the concrete staircase of the tower block.

The erotica’s actually quite fun. I get to character-build and then I have to put an action scene in (I always figure sex is pretty much like a fight scene, just with…different weapons) and it’s always fun to do. As I’ve said previously, though, it’s very rarely done in a ooh I’m so horny mood – it’s more like what the hell is their anatomy doing and how many penises do I have in this scene again?! and just kiss damnit! When characters don’t do what you want them to do anyway, adding bodies into the mix can be a recipe for a lot of confusion. Still fun, though!

I’ve been working on two pieces; one on a prompt for “music” that I’ve set in a karaoke bar and the other a general piece that seems to have turned itself into an underworld-syndicate-crime-detective sort of thing. Have a snippet of the karaoke one…


“What do you like singing, then?”

He smiles at me, almost puzzled. “You really want to know?”

“Yeah. I mean, I guess you get asked for the latest hits all the time. What do you sing in the shower?”

His cheeks start turning pink. “Well, if you wanna know that…”

I realise what I just said. I’m lucky that my beard hides most of my blush, but I can feel my face heating up too. “Shit. I didn’t mean it like that. Well, I mean. Uh. I’m gay, but…”

He’s really grinning now, watching me get more and more flustered. “Hey, chill. I’ll sing you something if you want.”

“Sure. Yeah. I’d like that.”

“In the shower or here?”

I didn’t think I could get any more flustered, but my cheeks flame again. “Uh. Um. Here to start with?” I manage to waggle an eyebrow suggestively despite my embarrassment. “I’ll have to see about the shower.”

Let’s just say it gets steamier from there!


Author: kate

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