NaNoWriMo: Day 19

Another day, another novella finished…

Ok, that’s an exaggeration. But I have provisionally finished Golden Trust & Treasure!

I’m not entirely happy with it. It’s only 27,000 words which means I want to add another couple of chapters, but I’m not sure what or where…I know there will be areas to expand, but I don’t know where. So, I’m going to give that and Crystals & Communications to my alpha readers, and see what they think. They’ve also currently got Empty Skies & Sunlight (book 5), so I’m going to have to binge on editing in the next few months.

I’m still continuing with NaNo, and I’m back to my original plan: finish Book 6, Desert Sands & Silence! I’m actually really glad that I did the other two books first – I’ve now got some more ideas for things to put into Desert Sands. However, it does mean I’ve slowed down. It’s a harder book to write and it’s not flowing as well, so it actually means I’m feeling a bit happier – I’m back to normal! You have no idea how much the sudden flow of words has been freaking me out…

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