NaNoWriMo: day 11

I’ve won.*

I’ve hit 50,000 words. Crystals & Communications is 33,055 and Golden Trust & Treasure is 17,187 – I’m still writing!

So, my next challenge – as I’m going to keep writing this month – is to finish Golden Trust & Treasure, Book 7 of the Green Sky series. As I’m 17k into it I’ve got another 15k to go, and that should keep me occupied for the next two weeks.

I’m currently in Edinburgh for a few days, so I’ve also got story planning to do (whee!) which will keep me occupied. I’m not going to add that to my wordcount, though – I’ll keep that as my current novel as that’s now a personal goal rather than a wordcount one.

Holy fuck, guys. I won a NaNo! First time EVER!


*I can’t validate it until the 20th – Sam’s explanation of that is “no-one’s mad enough to be able to write 50k words in less than 20 days!”