NaNoWriMo 2016: Day 7

I’ve stalled a bit. I did have a plan, and now I’ve reached the end of my plan (mostly) and…bleh. My head feels like spaghetti.

The problem I have, basically, is that it doesn’t have a spark. I’m not that invested. I’ve written enough that I think I know what the problem is: I need something else.

I’ve got a love story, and a story about people trying to find his feet in a new world, and a story about aliens and territory and belonging. My newcomer is fine; he’s an alien in a new world, and that story is mostly there. But Jack’s backstory isn’t really in place. He can’t react off someone who’s just learning. I wonder if he’s not the right character for this story, or I need someone else. Or something else.

Basically, I’m considering shelving this for the time being. It’s working, sure, but…it’s not right. It’s got half of the mixture but not enough to bring it to life. Not fully.


I feel like I should continue – I hit 35k earlier with rewrites, but if I know I’m going to have to rewrite a lot of it, is there much point in carrying on? The entire thing’s missing an element. I know I’d win NaNo, but I’ve never been that inspired by that. (I lost the Race To 50k challenge, by the way – two insane friends hit 50k on Day 4. Their fingers are intact, somehow!) So…

I’m currently poking at short stories and erotica, trying to find some inspiration to work. I’ll have to see if inspiration returns in the next few days…

That said: this is how I write. Sometimes I have lots of inspiration, and sometimes none; I’ve learned to just let it happen. I just have to let my brain have time and see what it comes out with!

Author: kate

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