NaNoWriMo 2016: Day 4

I wrote some wurds. Quite a lot of wurds.

As of posting this, it’s….somewhere around 25k. Lemme go check.

25,542 words. I had the day off yesterday (aka. I wrote about 1000 words) so that’s mostly in the first two days.

However, there is logic behind the madness. I’m racing the ML to 50k, along with a couple of fellow Swindon Wrimos. Yes, we are all insane. No, no-one’s fingers have fallen off yet (that I know of). Yes, possibly we are depleting the caffeine and chocolate supplies of this country quite severely.

Well, the others are. I’m actually doing pretty well on the junk food and snack front.

At about 10.30 on Day 2, the heroine also turned into a hero. I was pondering the annoying-ness and potential cliche filled nature of the romance I am apparently writing, and thought about gender-swapping.

Welp, there we go then. That is A Thing.

I’m actually quite liking this in relation to the trilogy. I’ve got an apocalyptic urban fantasy, a fairytale/journey of discovery with some nasty bits thrown in, and a gay sci-fi romance. This, very weirdly, works. And I’m really liking the story – Sophie’s been moaning that hers is a pile of poo, but so far mine’s actually a relatively solid draft. It’s going to need work and expanding, but that’s fine. The overall plot, characters, motivations…I like it!

So, currently, I’m just planning how to attack a space station, or at least get my baddies onto said space station. Bring on the second half of the story!


“You want us to go through a portal to an alien planet and find some lizards, who are really, really dangerous,” I say slowly.


“Follow said lizards through their portal to their world, ideally without them noticing.”

“Yes.” The Commander has a faint smile on his face.

“Then check out the portals, which are a relatively unknown technology, and work out some way to disrupt them.”


“And then find a possibly live nuke, pick up said live nuke and bring it back to our small, flammable space station.”


“All without getting tortured, lost or killed.”


“Right.” I lean back, put my feet on the table, and say, “You’re insane.”

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