NaNoWriMo 2016: Day 14

Hum ho. Currently at a little over 43k, but I’ve been plodding. I’ve run out of plot and am currently filling holes to try to get to 50k, which isn’t really working as there’s only so many stupid situations that I can put Jack into. So meh.

I’m planning on rewriting anyway, and have been scribbling plot – so I have notes like “Ella’s view of the world does end up alien to Jack’s. He’s very humanity-centric,” and “more fighting the AIs,” and “idea of an abusive relationship, returns because it’s known”.  I’ve got scribbles for the end – “betrayal? leaves and shuts portals? AI revolt?” and scribbles for the parallel lines – “romance vs learning” and scribbles for the characters. I’ve been playing with ideas; adding another character, tweaking the relationships, sending Ella off with someone else. This is what I do when I’m not sure about a story – I add things, take them away, consider what effect something would have.

It doesn’t up my word count, but it does make for a better story! I’ve been adding a few words each day, anyway, and considering some Ghost stories as well (No Man’s Land). This week is going to be house/DIY-focused for me anyway, so hopefully by next week I’ll have some mojo back – and some firmer ideas on what I want the story to look like!

Author: kate

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