Nano Update: week 2

11/11/2013 07:36

Well, Week 1 went ok…I did a chunk at the beginning, didn’t write much due to work/family/the kitchen being spread liberally all over the house, but then got 5000 words done on Saturday at the write-in. So I’m up to 14000 and still roughly on target!


I’ve split Connections into three parts. Part One is Isolation, focusing on Janny and her community, and what happens when she brings two strangers into that. Part Two is Connections, which goes into the community in the Sky Tower (space elevator/ring), and introduces Janny to that world. Part Three is still relatively unplanned, but is currently titled Networks. I’ve got some plans but I’ll have to see how everything works out.


Part One is almost finished; I’m aiming at 15000 words for each section, which seems to be working so far. So this week I will be working on finishing Part One and then will start Part Two at the write-in on Friday. It’ll be a bit of a mental change as well, so in many ways I’m glad to be writing sequentially (unusually for me – I usually jump all over the place in my stories). It’s been fun to look forward to what’s going to happen as well, and subtly foreshadow bits of it.


Week 2 and 3, here we come!

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