My reading pile: June 2015

Reading_list_June_2015So, my reading pile for the month has grown, shrunk and grown again…

I picked up A Slip of the Keyboard and The Gospel of Loki at the airport on my way to Edinburgh, and got through both of them on subsequent flights. I love Pratchett and it’s a nice collection of his speeches, articles and thoughts, so well worth getting if you like thoughts on writing and Pratchett’s sense of humour. Joanne Harris’ writing is very good, but I have to admit Loki didn’t grab me…I like Norse mythology, but it was nothing new. I’d suggest Gaiman’s American Gods as a better option, as that delivers the mythology in a new and more intriguing story.

Atlantis and the Game of Time and Willow, Weep No More are both waiting on reviews from me; I’ve read them but haven’t yet got round to putting my thoughts on the screen! I will do full reviews but I’ll just mention that Willow, Weep would make a beautiful gift for anyone who likes fairy stories, and the illustrations are lovely. Atlantis is a good story but didn’t grab me – however, I’m not sure I’m the right reader for it, if that makes sense. I like my stories a little less epic-and-fate-of-the-world, even though those seem to be the ones that most people do like.

Hounded was recommended by my friend Peter Hornsby, and The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever by Jay. He’s been reading those for the past few months and I admit I’m slightly dreading starting the series as it sounds like a bit of a rollercoaster read as well as being long! But I’ve also got the impression that it’s good (aka. he hasn’t shut up about it) so I’m going to give them a try.

The two Butchers are homework for the Dresden RPG; I’m currently two-thirds of the way through Summer Knight and reminding myself of useful bits of information that might be handy in the next few months…

Clariel was a Goodreads win, and is signed (I think I’m excited about that? I’m not sure I own any other author-signed books!) and so that’s on my list to read and review. I’m a little wary of taking it places as it’s currently beautiful and unblemished, but that does mean I need to find time to read it at home *looks around at to-do heaps* so, uh, that might take a while.

And The God Delusion is one off my “I really should read this” list, and that’s in progress!

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