Music: writing scores and playing piano

The observant among you may notice that I’ve added a new page to the site. For those not as observant, it’s music, on the end of the nav bar – I’ll pretend that you noticed it the first time 😉

In pursuit of my quest to get better at piano and singing, I’ve been trying to learn pieces on the piano that I can sing to. However, very few of the pieces that I like have scores available – I’m looking at you, Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree! If they do they’re often guitar tabs, which are mostly useless for the piano sections; if scores are available for piano, they either incorporate the vocals – as with John Anders’ cover of Through the Ghost by Shinedown – or are plain wrong (I’m not going to link to my favourite, but I’d like to comment that solo singers are unable to do chords…so wtf did the transcriber think they were writing?! It’s even marked “voice”!)

So! I’ve downloaded MuseScore (which I highly recommend), and I’ve been writing out my own scores for pieces. The first one I’ve done is Lazarus by Porcupine Tree in piano and vocals. It’s not finished – the bridge isn’t correct, it doesn’t have the right ornaments, and I want to ensure it is playable on piano – but it’s mostly there. I’ll keep updating the versions as I get time to amend it.

I’m going to be uploading scores and music to the music page as I do them. The next thing I want to work on is Through The Ghost, and then some Poets of the Fall – likely Jealous Gods first.

I’m also completely adoring Collapse the Light into Earth by Porcupine Tree, but that’s a repeat of six chords so hasn’t been that hard to learn! I think the lyrics have been harder, as I keep messing them up (which has been infuriating as they’re pretty simple…) I need to work out the strings so that they could be transferred to electric guitar, but it’s a beautiful song even without those. I’ve been lucky enough to get to play it on the Yamaha at work, and it’s been a real downer to come back to the electric piano at home again…but oh well, I get to practise on that and play on the grand, so I really can’t complain!

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