More new books!

New_books_June_27I wasn’t expecting them until next week, but I got new books this morning!

I bought American Gods as it was on sale and I don’t own it. I have read it, but I was reminded that I don’t actually have my own copy a few months ago when a friend texted me with “American Gods, should I get it?” I picked up the message about fifteen minutes after he’d sent it and immediately texted back with “YES IT’S AMAZING GET IT” and thankfully caught him just as he was about to leave the shop. He liked it (yay!) and I decided I needed a copy. And so, book!

I also bought Vermillion as it’s been popping up on my Twitter and social media feeds, and it looked interesting. It’s also one that I think a friend will like, and I always like being able to recommend books.

Brave New Girls is an anthology that I’ve been following from behind-the-scenes and did consider writing a story for, but didn’t manage to follow through on that one. It’s edited by Paige Daniels, who is another Grimmie author (disclaimer – I haven’t managed to pick up the Non-Compliance series yet so haven’t got a bias beyond fellow-author), and I’m really looking forward to reading it.

In addition, I picked up some mythology books from work (two Japanese, one Russian and one Chinese) – I’m not sure what they’re for yet but they’re interesting, and it’s all research for future stories. My weekend plans may involve a sofa, a cat and a stack of books…

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