You know I have a huge reading list? And just got more from my new job? And have a pile of editing to read as well?

Well, I did the obvious thing under the circumstances, and bought more books.


Especially as it includes Cassandra Khaw’s “Rupert Wong: Cannibal Chef” and I’ve just finished the excellent “Food Of The Gods” by the same author and I LOVE IT – it’s an amazing, sarcastic, snarky romp through mythology and world cities and various bits of the underworld. So obviously I want more of that.

Anyway, it’s part of the Storybundle, which I hadn’t come across before – HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS – but the current World SF Bundle is only available until the end of the month, so get in there if you want awesome books!

So if you want me, I will probably be reading for the next….month? Year? Oh, who am I fooling. The rest of my life, most likely.