Madcap Library: update

06/03/2014 08:26

Things are progressing!


I’ve made a good start on the website; I wrote the code from scratch (so proud!) yesterday, and a friend’s offered me space on his server, so I need to get it up and running.

My publishing company (The Bibliothecary) is set up so I can buy ISBNs, and I’ve got that website to create (probably today if work isn’t too busy).

A friend has just looked over ML for me and made some really good suggestions, so I’ve moved things around and I have one story to re-write, five to finish and another three ideas…yay! As soon as I finish one story, the first volume can be transferred to e-book.

I’ve got Amazon etc accounts that I need to set up, so along with the websites, I suspect my weekend will be filled with technology and usernames.

So yeah – it’s all getting there!


…do Ninjas have love lives?