Kitty pictures!

Frankie_2As a short break from  Nano – have I actually introuduced the family? We have Jon, me, Sam (housemate and wonderful friend), the Lizard (aka. Pep, Splat, Tail, Grump) and two beautiful black cats, Frankie and Benny.

And we all live in an old pub. It’s pretty awesome.

Benny_1We got the cats back in March from Stroud Cat’s Protection. I’ve wanted a cat for a while, and I eventually badgered Jon and Sam into agreeing (or at least, expressing indifference). The Centre had a few cats waiting, but we wanted ones that would be potentially ok with small children, dogs and general chaos (due to the constant house renovation) and could cope on their own. We do have some benefits; plenty of space, a good supply of shrews and mice, and a garden. So the centre recommended the boys, we went to meet them, and they came home with us that day!

Frankie_1They’re brothers, both about two-ish, and both almost pure black. Benny’s got some white strands on his chest – for about two months it was the only way we could tell them apart! Nowadays, Benny’s the fat talkative one, and Frankie’s the thinner slightly skittish one. They do the weirdest positions when they sleep…

Lizard_curlAnd then there’s a Lizard, real name Peppermint or “Pep”. She’s Splat, Grump, Lizard, Tail, Nose or “Idiot”. She’s a Bearded Dragon and is about four; we got her randomly when we were thinking about pets but weren’t sure about anything else, and she was advertised at my work, so we got her. She immediately grew about two inches from never having been fed vegetables before, and shed twice in six months! Since then she’s slowed down a bit, and she’s about a foot long now.

She loves strawberries and kale. She forgets she has a tail, and regularly walks off the end of her log – she’s not the smartest. She loves warm baths and just being on her trees – she knows the three of us well enough that when we take her out, she’ll fall asleep on our hand. She is relatively indifferent to the cats (Frankie tried to fall asleep on her once) and likes TV. She also likes watching people, just to check up on what you’re up to…Lizard_watching



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