Kate is thinking again…

01/07/2013 21:12

Um. I know I said progress on writing had been a little slower…

…well, I take that back. Two Madcap Library stories finished last night, and another one finished this morning. I’m currently bugging my Beta Tester (via Logic) for some ideas on a special one for him, and have another three stories in progress. I’ll trundle over to my writing page when I’ve finished this post and update the ML section, as it’s grown quite a bit!


On a slightly more random/personal note…

I got asked recently what time I took for myself. When did I last have time off? When was I not working/writing dissertation/renovating the house/sleeping? And I said that my ‘down time’ was writing.

I was thinking about that this morning, when I was awake at 6.30 and sitting on the sofa with my laptop, grinning inanely as I wrote more Madcap Library. Writing is the best relief from this world, this life, that anyone could want – because it literally is going into another world. It’s one you control, one you create. Even when my characters have taken a life of their own, I’ve learned to let them because they usually make the world more interesting.

I also decided (tonight, just before writing this post) that my other ‘down time’ is Tumblr. It’s a chance to let my brain rest, let my mind wander, and just open my thoughts up to inspiration. A lot of the images I reblog are ones I’ll never use, or not in any specific way. But they burrow into my brain and just sit there, in the same way a lot of the world around me does, and then suddenly burst out into something like Madcap Library. I’ve just written a story about a Book Reaper, and that came from a Tumblr image.

So, yeah. I suppose that’s my advice to anyone creative: just let your mind wander. You never know what it will come back with.

Edit: the statistics are still ongoing. Excel hates me, and Wordle won’t do what I want it to thanks to Java being a pig. Anyone who has ever done a research paper – I’m at that stage. Two months, and then it will be over…*counting down the days* I think I need Madcap Library to keep me SANE!

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