Interview with Evelinn Enoksen

The wonderful Evelinn Enoksen is an artist who lives in Norway and works internationally. I know her through Grimbold Books – she has done some amazing covers, including the beautiful one for Spark & Carousel, and she kindly agreed to answer some questions for me. So, over to Evelinn…

Hello. Thank you for having me on your blog. Yay, I get to talk about artsy stuff.

Spark & Carousel
Spark & Carousel by Joanne Hall

At the moment, I’m working on several book covers as well as illustrations for my own books. I think I like acrylic paint more than anything else, mostly because I can fix mistakes 😉 Pencil drawings are fun too, and water colours, but I stay away from oils, don’t have the patience for it. However, I can happily draw every single scale on a huge dragon, totally not a problem…Fantasy and sci-fi are my favourite genres, but anything space related can be tricky to paint, so I tend to use Photoshop for those.

I knew from an early age that I wanted to create stuff, be it through writing, painting or music, (unfortunately, music was not a talent I harboured, not as a child, and definitely not now.) Painting and writing have been large parts of my life, and I also had writers and artists in my family to nurture and scrutinize my talents. I remember my grandmother (also an artist) asking; “Why dragons and monsters?” I don’t know what I answered, but if she were alive today, I would say “Because I’ve never seen dragons and monsters.”

The Unfortunate Fisherman
The Unfortunate Fisherman

My idea of what good art is changes almost daily, maybe it has something to do with my mood. I think the same applies to my creative process. Some days, words bend to my will and fill the pages in a blur, or the brush strokes flow neatly across the canvas. Other days, everything is like climbing a mountain. Listening to music helps. Right now, I’m listening to Muse, but perhaps I’ll find an obscure Danish opera tomorrow, you never know…When I get a chance to be creative, the living room is where the magic happens, preferably after everyone is asleep. I’m an owl, if I could stay up all night and live in a tree, I would 😉

Burning Sky
Burning Sky

There are many artists I admire for their awesome skills, and I don’t think I like them for their styles, because they’re all so very different. Most are not famous, and you’d probably not have heard of them, unless you were browsing Deviant-art’s fantasy and archives on a regular basis. Looking at art helps inspire me to challenge myself. As long as I practice, I’ll always be better tomorrow than I was yesterday. Now, inspirational quotes are not really my thing, but I have a motto, and that’s: “If you’re gonna do a thing, do it well.”

Thank you, Evelinn! You can find more of Evelinn’s work at her blog on Siamone at DeviantArt, or keep an eye out for more of her covers on new Grimbold Books releases…

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