07/02/2014 21:44

Inspiration’s a really strange thing. I keep coming across things on Tumblr that I really want to write for, or from, and…the words won’t come. Which is annoying, because some of them are so good that I just want to be able to write the perfect story, or find the words to describe something. But I have realised that everything does go in, and then just sits in my brain to wait for the perfect time to jump out. (On a side note – half the places in Greensky are tiny towns we must have driven through when I was a child: it was only when I drove through again as an adult that I realised I hadn’t just made them up. Such a weird moment!)


I’ve been asked (well, ok, I volunteered) to write some short stories for an anthology on a Wiltshire theme. I’ve got lots of inspiration (check out my friend Toby King if you want beautiful pictures to be inspired by!) but nothing had jumped out.

So, essentially, I stopped trying. I stopped trying to plan a story, to start with a scene – and inspiration came out of nowhere (seriously, I have no idea where the story jumped from: I was on Tumblr and listening to Kodaline and then BAM), and I’ve just written a 1500-word short story about, well, a time-traveller. And how the past is always surrounding us.


It’s going to be fun to edit, and I might add more. It’s always interesting for me to write something outside the worlds of Greensky or Shadows, and I sometimes feel that I’ve become too immersed in them. Then something like Madcap Library turns up, of course, and I realise I’m not stuck at all. I just happen to be waiting for more inspiration…