Hogwarts Houses and Hexarchate Factions

slytherin badge

I have been taking quizzes! Apparently I’m Shuos and Slytherin…

Although *folds arms* I’m going to disagree. Your personal opinions are allowed to influence your choice of house, and I seriously don’t think I fit “cunning, resourcefulness, and ambitious”. I wouldn’t sell my own grandmother out if it got me something I wanted. I’m not going to screw people over just to get ahead. I’m not entirely sure where that answer came from on the Pottermore quiz, but nope.

And Shuos…I think that one’s slightly more fair, but still not entirely me. I like long-term planning; I’m happy with games. But I’m not exactly a long-term strategist and my point of view isn’t centred on winning (or getting the best of the game), so…

I think, from looking at the options (and changing one answer on the Hexarchate quiz) that I’m actually Hufflepuff and Liozh.

Students belonging to this house are known to be hard-working, friendly, loyal, honest and rather impartial.

hufflepuff badge

Which, y’know, seems a bit more like me than “ambitious”? I may have been quoted as saying, “screw that shit” to the idea of ambition! And a lovely friend (naming no names, Sammy!) was disparaging about Hufflepuff and suggested Ravenclaw, but I don’t really think I’m particularly witty. I do love learning, so I can see where that comes from, but “taking pride in being original in their ideas and methods”….mmm, not really. I’m not that experimental! Maybe I’m just a fairly intelligent Hufflepuff? (Yeah, I know. Buying into the stereotypes already.)

I’m definitely not a Gryffindor, I know that – my quote may have been something along the lines of, “I’m not that f—ing stupid”.  Fully paid up on the Mad Ideas club? Check. Ready to sacrifice themselves for friends? Check. Courageous, loyal, and with absolutely no sense? That’s Gryffindors. Not me.

Liozh faction badge

Anyway, back to the Hexarchate – Liozh. Whisper it! Suppressed centuries ago for the heresy of democracy, the Mirrors were the heptarchate’s governing class. Thoughtful and principled, you question everything and are open to everything, and always try and serve the best interests of the majority – and to leave no-one behind.

It also means I’m a heretic. With a badge. I’m so proud. (It may be stuck to my computer screen at work!)

You can take the Machineries of Empire quiz, and as for Harry Potter….hmm. I dunno. Has anyone got a more reliable quiz than the Pottermore one?

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