Here, there and everywhere

Although not physically here and there, just mentally. I’ve been ill for a chunk of this week, and I’m always annoyed when I’m ill – I’m an awful patient as I want to be doing things, which means I never really stop long enough to recover. I’ve gotten better over the years (and my depression really made me slow down – the point I’m struggling to walk is usually the point I twig that maybe I should sit down and rest) but I still get very frustrated that my brain isn’t in a sensible place to take advantage of that time.

I’ve got quite a few projects on the go at the moment, and that’s definitely not helping (or helped by) my state of mind. I’ve got The Last Spitfire, a solarpunk submission, a Dresden piece which I’m not happy with, Green Sky work including a new idea for book 9 and I have to finish book 7, an erotica piece inspired by Alison Tyler (NSFW), and I want to do some writing for Ad Hoc Fiction. Beyond that I’ve still got a few short stories to finish…and I really do need to get some of them finished!

I’ve got a week off coming up, so I’m hoping to get some time to sit down and finish some stories, in between knocking walls down, painting things and getting distracted by the cats…