Grey Stone & Steel – paperback’s here!

grey stone and steel paperbackI still get excited about having actual copies in my hands…it’s a book! That I wrote!

(Insert obligatory promotion of “you can pre-order from Amazon via Kindle or paperback.” Or via me, as several people have already done – they come signed, too. There are benefits to knowing the author!)

Anyway, I’m just going to squee over my pile for a while…it’s a combination of Librarian-love for new book smell, writer-flailing for I MADE THIS I DID THE THING LOOKSEE! and general “I have a new BOOK!” and it’s just…squee. All of the squee.

Also (because she’s not going to read this and therefore I won’t spoil the surprise), I got to do the dedication in the first copy for my Grandma. The first copy of my author’s five goes to the dedicatee; Green Sky & Sparks was my old friend Chris, as it’s all his fault! This one is my Grandma, simply for being there and asking how it all works and stealing my proof copies while we’re on holiday. She hasn’t read the book yet – she has got the first three (in beta copy) on her iPad but isn’t too keen on the ebooks, but she did read the paperback of Green Sky & Sparks. I’m hoping to give Grey Stone & Steel to her at Christmas, and I think she’ll love it.

Anyway. ‘scuse me, busy squee’ing for a while…I have all the new books!!

Author: kate

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