Greensky: extending the series, part 2

Well, I knew that I wanted to extend the Green Sky series…the children have got into my head, and I definitely want to write about them! But some plotting this morning has given me the eighth book in my current series, and a rough outline of the first two for the Children’s series.

The eighth book in the series has a working title of Golden Trust & Treasure (not entirely sure I like it, but I’ll stick with it for the moment), and it’s going to follow one of my surveyors from Heights & Horizons. He’s a former miner, disabled and bitter, and gets swept up in the new Fliyer development when he finds something in the mountains that could provide buoyancy for the planes. He’s also got a number of issues (mostly surrounding his attitudes to slavery, family, and his disability) that will be fun to work through. The only thing I don’t want is a ‘happy ending’; not everything in life works out the way we want it to, and I want to avoid the “they lived happily ever after” – because they don’t. It’s an ongoing process.

Re-reading that, it all sounds quite dark…I suppose it might be a dark book. I don’t know. I’ll have to write it and find out!

With regards the Children’s series, I didn’t realise quite how many children I have in the various books in the current series; I’ve got nine already that I can bring forward (spread over a number of ages, professions and character types, which is nice). And I am sure that more will come into the stories! I’m looking forward to the opportunity to show more family life; I want to investigate the cities, the schools, the teaching, the life in Aleric – and then I want to look at the new engineering schools, the Mage’s Center, the way Healers are trained. I want to look at how the new technologies are changing their world, how they’re adapting to it and changing it for themselves; I want to let them rebel against slavery and the hidebound tradition of the Mage’s Center, revel in the possibilities of the Healing talent and engineering, argue and fight and love and change. I want them to grow up and mould my world into what they want it to be.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is going to have to be “get bloody on with it” for my own writing – I’ve now got three unfinished in-progress books, and three more plotted!

Author: kate

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