Green Sky & Sparks review: a delightful read

The lively* @O_T_Curtis wrote me a review of Green Sky & Sparks

“There is something about Kate’s world and characters that just screams delightful and it’s such a light and easy read and it is all so well-crafted I had to message her in the middle of the day and just tell her how much I was loving it.”

It really made me smile! See the rest of the review at

UPDATE: and he’s done a video review! Can someone watch it for me and tell me what it says?! I’m scared!

*I did write “lovely” but I think “lively” applies just as well!

One thought on “Green Sky & Sparks review: a delightful read

  1. Don’t be scared Kate – just watch it 🙂 🙂
    – you will need plenty of time – it’s not a short review !!

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