Green Sky: glimmers of another story

I was having a think about Greensky, and talking to my aunt about which areas I hadn’t explored. My latest story (Desert Sands) is focusing on a new country, Orei, which does have a very different culture and people to anything previously. I’ve looked at the Mages, engineers, Lords (or at least in Quorl) and Dirrs. I’ve been to Quorl, Tao, Taderah and now Orei.

One profession that I haven’t explored yet is the Healers. S’ian is a Healer, and she considers it her profession, but it’s not something that gets explored in-depth. But the healing talent runs in bloodlines, and S’ian has a daughter who would most likely get that talent.

I think Alid’s story could be an interesting one. She’s the daughter of a famous person, or – in rumour – two famous people. She’s grown up in as normal a household as possible, but when you have a mother who essentially has an imaginary friend, who knows a lot of the important and powerful people in the city yet works as a Healer, who somehow keeps getting asked for opinions and news and information that she couldn’t possibly know…it would be a bit of a strange upbringing. And when her imaginary friend turns out to be real, handsome, charming and famous, but essentially becomes your favourite uncle and takes you flying, you’d be considered a bit strange in turn.

What was her childhood like? How does she cope with the difference between her family life and everyone else’s? How does she deal with the effects of fame and the influence of the soulbond on her mother? If I look at Alid, I can see S’ian – and Toru – through someone else’s eyes; I can look at the smaller details of the world around them and the city that Alid lives in. I can look at how a child would deal with a family life that isn’t normal.

I don’t know where I’d start: Alid could be older, looking back at her childhood, or I could start when she is young. I don’t know what other plot I could work around it: I have a few Aleric children that I could bring in, or I could start examining the politics and life of the city in more detail, and bring in new characters.

So another possible thought for Green Sky!

Author: kate

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