Goodies and a book recommendation

Darkhaven_1I’ve just got some lovely goodies from the lovely AFE Smith! Her book Darkhaven was released on the 2nd July and is available now from Amazon.

In addition to winning the goodies from the launch-day competition, I bought Darkhaven and I’ve got it on Kindle (I got a new phone and it’s got enough memory for the Kindle app – wooh!) It’s the first time in a while that I’ve stayed up until stupid o’clock to finish a book, but I loved this one!

The story follows the ruling Changer family of Arkannen – Myrren can’t change and so is disinherited in favour of his half-sister, Ayla, who doesn’t want the throne. When she is accused of a crime she didn’t commit and locked away, he takes steps to protect her, but unfortunately events spiral from there…

The city of Arkannen is beautifully detailed, with something new to ‘see’ every time. The characters are vivid and interesting, and I slowly got drawn into the plot; by the end I really wanted to know what happened to everyone! I didn’t anticipate all of the twists, and the ending is excellent. My only niggle is why Ayla doesn’t just fly out of the city…but it’s only a minor point. The plot otherwise is excellent, and overall the book is well worth reading.

Darkhaven is available on Amazon, or have a look on Goodreads.

Disclaimer: I haven’t been asked to review the book, and won the goodies simply by loitering with interest on the launch day 🙂

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