Ghost + zombie

26/07/2014 08:18

A SFW prompt: what if you became a ghost to your body’s zombie?


“There’s a step. There’s a step! Oh, too late. You’re such a dumbass.”

There was moaning from the bottom of the steps, and I halted at the top to look down the flight.

“Dumbass!” I shouted again, knowing he wouldn’t hear me. Not that anyone else would either, for that matter. No one ever did these days.

He’d picked himself up by now, and I hopped down the steps to catch up as he stumbled off along the street again. No self-preservation instinct, no direction, no idea of how to look after himself…but then how could I help? He couldn’t hear me, I couldn’t do anything, and yet I was still stuck here watching over him like some sort of-

Ugh. He’d fallen over again.

Zombies are idiots. But then being a ghost isn’t a lot better, particularly when it’s your old body that dumbass has just tipped down a flight of steps for the seventh time that day.