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13/04/2014 12:35

Advanced warning: this one isn’t really about writing, so you can skip it if you’re not interested. I’ve been mulling over a few things recently, and I just wanted to get them out and onto (metafforical) paper. So, have some randoms…


Role-playing and writing:

I’m starting a new RPG with some friends*, and – due to the rather complicated nature of the world and the fact I’ve never RPG’d – I’ve picked a pure mortal as the simplest thing to play. I opted for a journalist, and then had to pick a name, and someone sprang into my head. Someone from one of my previous books. My main character from Shadows…Dini.

I’m apprehensive about the fact my mind decided to pick her. She fits in the RPG (with a few tweaks), but I admit I am worried about what the game will do to her. I do want to continue rewriting Shadows at some point, and I’m slightly scared that if she gets twisted by the RPG, she won’t be the same person in my head. But…she fits. She’s a good character, I know her, and it works. So I’m rolling with it for the moment, and I think I’ll simply have to give it time before I write again if the game does start warping her.


Talking about writing:

One of the things I am still getting used to is being able to talk about writing. I’m an odd writer: I jump around and don’t plot, I write novellas, I don’t write one genre, and I have several things on the go at once. All of those things mean that I have found it hard in the past to talk about what – and how – I write. But I’ve now been plunged into a group where everyone writes differently, and there’s someone else who writes weirdly (although he does end-to-beginning), and everyone writes different things…so it’s really strange, but really nice! The one thing it hasn’t done is made me write more, but I blame the social life for that: I am choosing to spend my time on other things at the moment! I’m sure that will change when Sammy sends over Green Sky changes and then starts asking for more books.



I’ve been working on my websites for the Madcap Library and the Bibliothecary. I wrote most of the code from scratch (ish), and then one of my friends came over to help me make it responsive and tweak it to what I want. I absolutely love coding: I love being able to write and then see the changes, and I love tweaking the designs. Being able to learn more from Sam has been amazing, and I’m so grateful for his time and effort. I’ve got to finish sorting the domains and details out, and then I’m pretty much done with coding, which is sad – it’ll be on to e-book creation and all of that stuff, which I’m not quite so enthusiastic about at the moment…


Balancing everything:

One of the things I’m still trying to balance at the moment is the demands of various parts of my life. My job involves a long commute, which does give me time to read, but eats into my time at home. I’m struggling to balance being out with friends and staying home; I want to be involved in all the projects I’m doing and I enjoy hanging out with friends, but I appreciate that I do need time to just relax (or work) at home – especially after last year. Jon’s pretty worried about it, which I appreciate, but it doesn’t make the “I’m-missing-out” feeling any easier. I also have multiple personal projects, including writing, websites, trying to find a new house and finish the old one, and a new musical project – plus the standard demands of keeping the house tidy and being nice to Lizard. I’m hoping that it’s going to get easier: I’m slowly finishing projects, or pushing them to the stage where they’re background rather than lots-of-work, and slowly learning to balance. I think all it will take is time!


And finally…

On a personal note, I’m feeling older and wiser about making friends and getting to know people. I’ve screwed up pretty badly with some things in the past: I hurt people, including myself, and I really don’t want to do that again. I think I’m doing ok so far: I’m feeling fairly pleased that I’ve recognised some awkward situations and avoided them, and I’ve hopefully put measures in place to prevent things spiralling too far in the wrong direction. I really want to make this work and not make things awkward, so we’ll see. I sometimes think that being grown up simply means you discover a whole new set of complicated situations that you can make bad decisions about, and you can’t blame your sister for breaking it any more…**


*I should add in some background here, I guess. I did NaNoWriMo in 2013 for the first time, and met an absolutely awesome group of people. In addition to writer’s meetings, I’ve somehow got myself into a number of different projects, games and late-night-chocolate-eating sessions with various members, which has been ridiculously wonderful and I am still in shock about. It appears that I now have a social life again…


** Not that I ever did. We were quite nice children and I don’t think we really broke much, but I’ll have to check with my mother because she’s probably got a completely different opinion!

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